Scarab Studios

Neptune's Cloud

Audio Production and Sound Design Studio

Game & Console Studio


  • Sound Design Education
  • Linear Sound Design
  • Freelance Mixing Engineers
  • SFX Asset Pack Production


  • Game Development
  • Console Development


Q: What are these Studios?

A: These studios are goals of mine that I plan on achieving in my future. I put them on my website for any interested party to see so that I hold myself accountable for them in the future. I work hard to make these studios possible in the future.

Q: Why did you decide on creating 2 Studios?

A: Because I love Audio and I love Games. Instead of focusing on one, I feel as though I can advance both industries with the right environment and community supporting me.

Q: When do you plan on achieving these goals?

A: I understand the challenge it takes to make this come to fruition. Along with the task of refining my sound design skills I have to work extra hard to support this dream of mine. I am prepared to work as long as it takes.

Wayne Messam II Sound Designer & Composer
Wayne is an experienced sound designer, EDM artist, audio implementer, dialogue editor, and recording and mix engineer. To find out more about Wayne’s experience and services, contact him below.