Hi my name is Wayne Messam II,

I am a 2020 college graduate majoring in Music with a degree in Commercial Music Technology. I was selected to be apart of the 2020 G.A.N.G. Scholar Program after a year of teaching myself game sound design and composition since my school did not provide courses specifically for game audio.

I am currently freelancing as a sound designer while stationed in my hometown Miramar, Florida, developing my skills in order to support my ambition of working on video games.

I specialize in digital synthesis and field recording and use my skills to produce audio for video games. I am Wwise certified and enjoy learning about programming and game engines on my projects.

Starting as an intern at the record label, Hoot Wisdom Recordings,  I worked as an audio engineer with many artists and eventually held two positions of secretary and treasurer in my later years of college. I produced my debut soundtrack album, Essence in an effort to get my feet wet in composing for video games and I am ready to produce more music.

If you have any inquiries or would like to meet me, my email address is provided below, or contact me on my contact page.

Email: OfficialWayneMII@gmail.com

Wayne Messam II Sound Designer & Composer
Wayne is an experienced sound designer, EDM artist, audio implementer, dialogue editor, and recording and mix engineer. To find out more about Wayne’s experience and services, contact him below.